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eTwinning a.s. 2012-2013: Tasting Pythagoras

The project "Tasting Pythagoras" is managed by a teachers' team of the "Arnolfo di Cambio" school, lead by Daniela Giordani, Maths teacher.


Involved classes: 2° sez I - 3° sez. I, Casole d'Elsa


eTwinLogoPythagoras' theorem is the most important geometry theorem in the life of students.

They begin to study it at 12 and they use it very often also at 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and more, studying Mathematics and subject in which there is an application of Mathematics.

So it is important that the first meeting with this theorem gives an important sign in the mind of the students, so it will be remembered forever. If you link the theorem with a good experience - where "good" has also a gastronomic meaning - you'll achieve this aim. Pythagoras' theorem can be demonstrated with food and kitchen scale.

We can use typical food (cakes, cheese, biscuits, bread...) which will help students know more about the traditions of theirs and the others' countries. We can build models by food, measure the weight and make videos of the experience. We can show the videos to other partners by internet.

We also want to improve the use of foreign languages and other languages: music, paintings, videos, photos, in order to touch the different way of learning of every pupil and to link the theorem to many ways to store it in mind.



  • Learning maths and geometry with fun.
  • Relating the information with the contents studied in class.
  • Planning the project "What to do? When? Who? How? Why? Why not?"·
  • Carrying out the project (acting,recording, measuring, observing, calculating, etc.)
  • Reporting the work done using ICT techniques. Keeping in contact with the partners by e-mail applications, internet sites or a web-magazine.
  • Uusing English language, discussing experiments.
  • Drawing conclusions of the project.


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